How to buy and trade Cryptocurrency - Complete beginner guides

A Cryptomaniac or a complete beginner who don't want to miss out on this digital currency revolution? We have guides to get you on the ride
The guides are with full text and pictures with directions, but the investment is on your risk

Here you can find complete Guides on how to buy coins, open private wallets, how to set up exchange accounts to buy popular and promising coins and latest news

This webpage is still under construction and still very basic, but relax, it still contains all you need to get started on this highly addictive ride 🙂

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We advice everyone to never invest money they can't afford to lose as this is a highly speculative business

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How to set up a wallet


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How to buy TRON/TRONIX (TRX)

Don't miss this train!

Complete guide on how to buy TRON / TRONIX (TRX) the most promising currency on the market right now, Predicted up to 15 usd! now under 0,04$! (31.12.2017)